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The word poltergeist comes from the German language words poltern to make sound and to rumble and Geist ghost and spirit, and the term itself translates as "noisy ghost", rumble-ghost or a loud spirit.

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Poltergeist activity displays itself as unexplained noisy banging’s and rapping’s on walls and inanimate objects like furniture, toys and stones flying through the air, levitating or materializing from nowhere. 

 As frightening as this sounds this, it has more to do with the pent-up psychic energy of lovelorn, rebellious and frustrated teens with raging hormones coursing through their veins, dealing with the frustration, confusion of puberty or a troubled child's mental state charging energy that manifests in the form of telekinesis and psychokinesis rather than bothersome ghosts, spirits or demonic entities. The majority of cases appear to involve young females against the fewer cases involving young males. This could well be due to females being more emotional and sensitive of the genders. This phenomena has also been well documented in some adults when experiencing emotional trauma or turmoil and highly stressful situations. 

The energy produced by the emotions of the “human agent” grows and intensifies and can then manifest into a separate entity to that of its host, feeding and indulging in the energy produced by those within the environment. Creating feelings of nausea, fear and stress and therefore negativity allowing it to strengthen and become more active. Some poltergeist activity can begin with small, coincidental experiences with objects obviously out of their normal places, creepy and unfamiliar noises, and then the activity can suddenly increase in activity.  The "human agent" whether that be A young child, adolescent or adult may act strangely (i.e. weird voices or becoming abnormally withdrawn without a logical reason). Having eliminated any psychiatric problems, hallucinogens that can cause people to suffer from paranoia and delusions must also be considered and ruled out. Always considering the logical before concluding a paranormal explanation. Most poltergeist phenomena do not occur quietly, but not all poltergeists manifest as those dramatized in the media and Hollywood.

Psychokinesis from Greek "soul" and κίνησις "movement", or telekinesis from τηλε- "far off" and κίνησις "movement", is an alleged psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction, in a poltergeist event the "human agent" is often unaware that they are subconsciously manifesting.  Because the manifestations are recurrent, largely spontaneous and unpredictable, and seemingly involve paranormal interactions between psychological and physical events, some researchers use the term 'Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis' (RSPK) instead of 'poltergeist'. The term 'RSPK' may also be preferred for being a more neutral and descriptive label that does not imply that the phenomena are necessarily due to the activity of 'spirits'.

Usually the energy will dissipate by itself. Cleansing Rituals may work to expel the negative energy,  but needs to be believed in which what ever faith or spiritual  belief system you subscribe to.  This has been documented in many occurrences. If you do not believe that the ritual will work, your negative thought-system and energy might prevent it from doing so. It is necessary to believe in your actions and following through with positive energy and reinforcement.


A non-religious, natural approach to warding off the negative energy is smudging when the smoke from burning sage, which has a long spiritual history of being used for purification. The smoke is believed to drive out negative energies and negative spirits of any sort occupying a space. Usually desert sage or white sage is used. Positive energies, can be called upon to block out possible negative energies as an alternative aid to combat harmful energies from the environment.

In addition  as theory suggests this entity or RSPK is bore out of human emotions, inner turmoil and high stress situations, thus feeding off negative emotions such as anger fear anxiety etc.  By repolarizing  the energy when these strong emotions fustrations or arguments occur,  you can start to recognize and change the atmosphere  by listening to your favourite up beat music watching comedy getting out into nature and clearing your mind, anything that you find beneficial to your emotional and mental wellbeing, grounding yourself and changes your mood positively,  as well as being mindful of the situation and  kind to each other as this undoubtedly would be a very fighting and stressful time for all involved. This can help to reduce activity while the "Human agent"  addresses , processes and deals with the emotional turmoil that caused the manifestations to occur. 




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