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Dreamscape Virtual Reality.

A fun event in a virtual world providing the team with a different kind of experience.

Haunted Devon

Dreamscape Virtual Reality.

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Organised fun night’s entertainment with the Dreamscape Virtual Reality team in Exeter. 

Mark Woodhall, pictured left, a long standing member of Haunted Devon, organised this unusual nights entertainment for the club, and what a night it was.

Tickets booked, members having arrived, seats were taken, and the fun began.

After a brief introduction to the world of virtual reality, what to expect and advice on how to use the equipment the excitement grew, choices were made on which alternate reality to experience and places were taken while others looked on and patiently awaited their turn.

Standing in the centre of the studio, in front of the large screen, each participant donned on the VR head set and held hand controls as they prepared themselves to change the concept of their reality and experience something a little different in another world. With each member making their selection the fun began.

Members enjoying their experience of a Virtual Reality.

At the rear the large screen played the reality viewed in the headset as the participant jumped and jolted in response to the situations portrayed in front of their eyes.

With the group selecting to be Wizards, riding roller coasters, Zombie killers, searching haunted houses and even Formula 1 drivers, providing a most enjoyable and memorable night.

If you would like to know more or arrange a unique family/friends experience here's their website:


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