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The Equipment

All equipment is readily available for members to use during the investigation.


The Ovilus III


                                      Ovilus III                                

The Ovilus III

converts environmental readings into real words and can give real words and phonetic responses to your questions.

The idea being that spirits may be able to alter our environment such as electromagnet frequencies, temperature, etc. and uses these frequencies and a mathematical formula to choose a response from a pre-set database of over 2,000 words. The idea behind this, is that an intelligent entity will be able to alter the environment in such a way that forces the Ovilus to "speak" using display for words.

It does have other functions a thermal flashlight, the ability to make phonetic sounds, Q and A setting, a touch sensor, but the dictionary mode is the most popular and most frequently used.


The Mel Meter

Mel Meter

The Mel Meter

is a convenient piece of equipment that continuously measures for environmental fluctuations in EMF and temperature changes in real time.

We use this piece of equipment when taking base line reads of each area to be used in vigils. This helps to confirm any fluctuations during the investigation. High EMF readings as caused by generators, alarms systems and boiler/heating systems can cause the sensation of nausea, headaches and the feeling of being watched.

The EMF counter is NOT as sensitive as that of the K2 meter.


The P SB7 Spirit Box


P SB7 and SSAM


The P SB7 Spirit Box

is a modified radio that sweeps through the radio frequencies at a very fast rate. Spirits can manipulate the frequencies and produce words or even use snippets of radio as their voice.any believe it works as a paranormal tool, but you must be critical when using it. Don’t forget that the product is a modified RADIO, so certain snippets picked up with have nothing to do with the questions you are asking.

The inbuilt speaker on the spirit box is practically no use so like most investigators use an external speaker with us every time we use it.The sweep feature passes through up to 5 frequencies a second so if you start hearing ‘full’ words then there’s a good chance you are listening to something directed at you, something paranormal. By choosing to sweep through the frequencies as fast as possible you are eliminating the chance of radio signal interference ruining your investigation.


The Spectrogram Spirit Amplification Module- SSAM fabricated by Abbie Dent for Haunted Devon, is used with an ITC device like the P SB7 Spirit Voice Box to reduce background sound to a minimum and amplify sound that permits spirit voices to be heard quite clearly in real time allowing conversation to flow when clearly heard when said over the sweeping of radio stations 


The Tascam


The Tascam

a much used and valued piece of equipment is a highly sensitive audio recorder uses adjustable twin microphones to record in stereo.

Can be used with headphones to listen for EVP responses in real time but generally used to record all sessions to aid in the capture of EVPs and for writing up of detailed reports.

Tascam’s may also be left to record in a locked off area so that audio can be listed to, to see if any sounds were captured in the sealed off area void of team.


The REM Pod




The REM Pod

uses a mini telescopic antenna to radiate its own independent magnetic field around it. This EMF can easily be influenced by materials that conduct electricity. Based on source proximity, strength and EMF distortion coloured LED lights can be activated in any order or combination and is used as an aid for physical communication with entities.

Using the ATDD- Ambient Temperature Deviation Detection- this provides not only a visual but also audible alert to changes in ambient temperature. Should a drop-in temperature occur then a lower toned alarm is sounded, should the temperature increase then a higher tone is sounded. LED lights are also used to indicate temperature change: blue indicates temperature drop whilst red indicates an increase.


The Flir Thermal Imager




The Flir Thermal Imager

detects change in temperature visually using a coloured spectrum to monitor the change in temperature of surrounding features.

 The picture in the imager above depicts the colours of varying degrees of temperature of a team member and the cold floor and walls surrounding her.  Pictures can also be taken and used for evidence.


The Laser Pen


Laser Pen


The Laser Pen

is used for its grid function which is useful when used with a visual recording device like a camcorder for detecting shadow movement or other visual disturbances by breaking the fragmented laser beams.


The Tri-field meter.



The Tri-field meter.

In theory a spirit/ghost may give off a magnetic field, an electric field, and/or a radio/microwave field that can be picked up by a Tri Field Meter. A spirit/ghost may also try to use these fields to manifest. When a spirit/ghost manifests it needs energy to do so. In an area where there is a high EMF field, the spirit/ghost may draw in that high EMF and manifest.

Set the meter to either Magnetic (0 – 100), Electric, or Radio/Microwave. Majority of the times we will use the setting Magnetic (0 – 100) being aware of any power lines or power outlets around the area that may affect readings.


The Springulum




The Springulum called Springy by the team, is a device designed by Abbie Dent and consists of a wooden plate base with a large spring supporting a small wooden disk. By gently placing a finger on the small disk the idea is that spirits can use the participants energies to rock, push or manipulate the disks movement. This device has proved very popular with the spirits of children.


Additional equipment Pendulums and Dowsing Rods, a variety of trigger objects, hand held camcorders and CCTV – for the visual recording of investigations that allows the team to look back and confirm or debunk activity.  We also use spiritual means to connect with spirits either mediumship or sensitives. We DO NOT have a resident medium and rely on members intuition and senses.

We also use spiritual means to connect with spirits either mediumship or sensitives. We DO NOT have a resident medium and rely on members intuition and senses


Why mobiles phones are switched off

At the beginning of an investigation we ask that ALL mobile phones are either switched off or set to aeroplane mode if being used for recording purposes, with the occasional exception of team leads phones used for LIVE feeds, as signals to mobile phones can activate some of our sensitive equipment.

Mobile phones create levels of EMF and are always seeking a communication signal. Apart from receiving text messages, calls, they can also receive notifications and updates while on and this can cause K2s, Mel meters, REM pods to be activated creating false positive responses as well as affecting the quality of audio recordings, rendering them unusable. Any considered paranormal evidence thought to have been captured with the use of EMF sensitive equipment would have to be voided.

radio K2 Mel  

Both the K2 and Mel meter

react to the radio when being used

K2 and phone top pic

K2 and phone bottom pic

Notice the high readings on the K2 as the mobile phone is used to make a call or use the internet.

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