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The EMF Meter (Electro Magnetic Fields)

If you have every watched any of the plethora of TV shows that cover the subject of the paranormal you will probably have seen the EMF meter in use. So what does the EMF meter do? And why would we use the EMF meter on a paranormal investigation?

Firstly it is important to note that the EMF meter DOES NOT detect ghosts – there is in fact no evidence to suggest that ghosts are made up of magnetic energy. We live in a soup of invisible electromagnetic radiation most are unnoticed with frequencies below 300 hertz per second. Some typical day to day EMF radiation includes:

  • Hair Dryer – 300 Mg
  • Toaster – 2 Mg
  • Vacuum Cleaner – 300 Mg

There are two possible reasons why an EMF meter will be used on an investigation.

  • The first revolves around the “Persinger” effect (Dr Michael Persinger) who created a laboratory experiment to stimulate the brain using Magnetic and Geomagnetic forces. The activity caused what can only be described as “micro seizures” described as being “spiritual” in effect. The use of the EMF meter in this case can exclude the presence of such EMF and potential EMF contamination.

EMF in sustained dosage can cause:

  • Memory Loss
  • Depression
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Headaches.
  • The second revolves around the process where EMF said to have been disrupted by spiritual activity causing fluctuations in readings as a spirit “passes through” the 0.2 mg or normal EMF reading.

In our experience we have seen the potential problems that EMF can cause. Jamaica Inn – Cornwall is reputably extremely haunted. One room in particular caused occupants to feel nauseous and wary of their surroundings. EMF readings in and around the bed proved to be significantly high and one suggestion was that the coiled spring mattress was acting as a conductor from AC power cables below the floor.

Suggested EMF meter

The TriField Meter is the suggested EMF meter for a paranormal team. As the name suggests it measures 3 axis magnetic sensitivity as opposed to single axis from cheaper EMF readers. It measures Magnetic, Electric radio / microwave radiation from 0.2 – 100 mill gauss at 60 Hz.

EMF meter

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