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Brentor - Devon

The church of St Michael of the Rock is located upon the ancient volcanic triangular hill of Brentor. This landmark church is 1,100 feet above sea level, the first church was constructed around 1130 by Robert Giffard, although legend stats a wealthy merchant built the church after his ship was caught in a treacherous storm off the coast of Devon. In the height of the storm it is believed that the merchant called out to Saint Michael to save him and as a thanks giving in return he would build a church upon the first sight of land he saw.


Another folk lore tale associated to Brentor is that the church was attacked by the devil who tried his upmost to cease the building of the church by stealing the foundation stones, although legend states an archangel intervened and threw a gigantic granite rock at the devil which struck him between the horns. Brentor its self is located upon the well-known 'ley line' which is said to start at Land's End in West Cornwall and continues through Brentor and onto Glastonbury in Somerset



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