“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ―Nikola Tesla

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Energy, Frequency and Vibration

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Everything has its own energy from an apple to any living creature, to the space in between is energy.

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

With the advancement of scientific knowledge, we have a greater understanding that everything has its own energy from an apple to any living creature to the space in between is energy. This has been revealed by the advancement of science that has gained the ability to break matter down to the sub atomic level exposing that all things vibrate just at different frequencies.

There is the belief that there is good: 'positive energy', which is lighter and vibrates, or spins faster than its counter, bad: 'negative' energy, which is dense and vibrates slowly. These positive and negative energies are considered to influence people in recognisable ways such as when entering a room with a dense, thick atmosphere you may feel sick, angry, unhappy caused by negative energy and experience the opposite in a room filled with positive energy, feeling calm, peaceful. Some people are able to sense the change in energy, using their intuitive impulse and natural sensitivity to invisible and incorporeal vibrations of energy often describing the difference as a 'bad or positive vibe'.

The laws of vibration regarding energy, is that everything moves and vibrates at a different rate, including the three planes of existence, which include the mental, physical and spiritual planes.

In addition, it is now known that colours as well as sounds also vibrate, and everything has a sound (though it might not be audible to the human ear dependent on the frequency the sound is transmitted upon).

The energy vibration of colours, like that of Auras, have shown that warmer colours are denser and vibrate at a slower rate, and more higher vibrating colours are that of purple and violet  (as in the energy areas of the physical body called Chakra) – which are known as highly spiritual colours and used by those who connect with spirit energies to raise their vibration to match that of spirits to enable communication which is called Mediumship whereas Psychics and Empaths can match their vibrations to those in the physical realm/dimension.